• Duration 2 hours
  • Maximum50 people


GAME IDEA: To discover Vilnius in an unusual way, generate teamwork, emotional ties and above all, to have a lot of fun. City Game is perfect for ending a workshop or training day since it is a combination of team training, knowledge and a great way to get to know your colleagues better.

HOW IT WORKS: We will split your group of 50 people into 10 teams. Every team will get 1 iPad with an activated map of Vilnius. Groups have to find point market on the map and complete the task. Groups are taking different routes but have the same challenges. Game moderator gets results how many questions have been answered correctly. The last point is a bar in Vilnius where all groups meet and discuss the game with the glass of wine or beer.


• Questions about Vilnius/Lithuania

• Photo or video task (to make a creative picture or video)

• Activity (talk to local people/sing a Lithuanian song, taste Lithuanian cheese or

beer, find secret code)

• A customized game for your group with 16 tasks;

• A game moderator and two actor’s teams waiting for you in different

location in the Old Town;

• A rental of iPads;

• 1 drink per person (beer/wine) at the bar;

• Prizes for the best 3 teams.

• The statistic about all teams with scored points & pictures.

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